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How it Works

Know how we enable people to hire Photographers from a huge catalog of choices starting from wedding to Fashion Portfolios.

Select an event

Select an event to view the Photographers available for that event. Events range from Wedding to candid to Parties and Professional events.

Give location

Give in the location of the event to unveil the list of photographers who are situated or are willing to travel to that city.

Pick your favourite

Browse through the Profiles of all the available Photographers and pick your favourite. Click on hire button in the profile.

Wait and watch

You get an email and an SMS of the confirmed booking along with the contact number of the Photographer. Wait for his call.

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Some featured Photographers

Have a look at few famous Photographers capturing valuable memories all over the country.

Why hire on Pixelattic?

A little research shows you have all the more reasons to do that.

Find Photographers for all events.

You need not browse through facebook pages to search for good Photographers..

Suits your budget

Filter Photographers by rate and chose the one which best suits your requirement and budget.

Trusted and Verified personnel

Find extremely friendly photographers who are extremely passionate in their profession.

First Hand View

You can directly look at the portfolio and assignments of the Photographer and hire if you like it. No more blind choices or wild guesses!

Contact Easily

Get the contact details of the Photographer immediately after the confirmation of booking. Contact the Photographer and fix your appointment.

24hours support

24/7 Help and support is available. We also provide free Photography consulting

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